California is a community property state which provides the basis for the division of the parties assets and debts. The characterization of property as separate, community or quasi community determines the basis for that division. Likewise, debts are similarly characterized and divided.

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Asset Valuation

The valuation of businesses and assets is essential to a fair and accurate determination of each parties rights. When appropriate experts in various fields (forensic accounting, business valuation, real property valuation, personal property valuation) are consulted and employed, always in consultation with the client.

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Child Custody

Child custody is governed by the "best interests of the children" rule. The best decisions are made when the parents are able to work together to achieve a custody/visitation arrangement, which most appropriately meets the needs of their children. The interests of the children are paramount, not those of the parents. The involvement of the Courts is a last not first choice involving children. When necessary custody evaluations are performed to assist the parents and the court in making those determinations.

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Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements are more and more common in California. They are a recognition that many times parties are getting married for the second time and there are children and assets from a first marriage. In addition couples may be older when marrying than in the past, and one or both have on going professions, businesses, and assets that younger couples just starting out may not have achieved or accumulated. These agreements vary in scope and complexity depending upon a number of factors which impact the parties lifestyle and distribution of their marital and premarital assets.

Some examples are age of the parties, presence of children or grandchildren, the nature of their business and profession, potential inheritance, and the existence of trusts.